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Welcome to the gallery of creative craft work for home decorations, gifts and collectibles.. Majored and skilled in graphics design, I expanded my knowledge in the craft of glass painting a couple of years ago and has since got hooked to it. Hence, the birth of 'PAINTINKS'. The variety of glass and ceramic wares featured below are all artistically and exclusively designed and hand painted. You can also have them personalised to your preference; as gifts, wedding favors, premium items, interior decorating items or even for practical use. Here's a good way to give that old glass or ceramic wares a face-lift or simply spruce up new ones to add colour and life to your collection!

Jan 11, 2010


GV 02
I got the idea to use spider web as a motif when I was flicking through my nephew's Spider Man comic book. I used white for the outline as what a real spider web looks like; and fill them with indigo and blue hues to give it a modern contemporary look and embellished it with matching rhinestones. This piece took me about 3 weeks to complete as the design practically covers the whole vase surface.

Size: H(46cm), L(9.5cm), W(15cm)

Price: RM1500

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